When nostalgia looks soooo good

I know the saying ‘an oldie but a goodie’ is a BIG cliche.

But while I was graphic recording at a couple of events last week, I noticed how this ‘cliche’ applies to icon drawing.

There are some things in this world I think just look GOOD the old fashion style. And so their icons are some I (almost) always draw the old way.

Why? you may ask…

Well, I think there’s a mix of reasons –

  • the audience EASILY RECOGNISES the object, even though designs have been through upgrades and changes
  • the old version can be more interesting / VISUALLY APPEALING and
  • they can be just EASIER to draw ON THE RUN!

So I thought I’d share them with you. Check out my suitcase, alarm clock, phone and light globe.

An old suitcase complete with travel stickers.
alarm clock old 2
The old fashion alarm clock with tapper and bells.


telephone old 2
This was the phone I grew up with – it was orange and had the finger dials that required effort to spin.
light bulb old 2
The old incandescent globe.

Are there any icons where you prefer ‘the old fashioned’ designs? I would love to hear…

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