What’s in a Graphic Recorder’s tool bag?

Here' what's in my tool bag...
Here’ what’s in my tool bag…

I love my work! But you already knew that!

Being asked to listen attentively and draw is a WONDERFUL thing.

But in talking to people interested in visual ways of working, it seems some know of Graphic Recorders or may have seen their work, but many are not clear what’s involved. So here’s the first in a series of articles about working as a Graphic Recorder, for those who want to know more.

I’m on a roll with bags and packing this month, so this article covers what I PACK for my GRAPHIC RECORDING gigs…

1. My favourite markers – Big Ones and two Outliners No. 1 by the wonderful folk at Neuland

2. Pencil, pen and rubber – for taking quick notes, sketching out ideas

3. White labels – the GR’s white-out option and post-it notes for holding place ideas as I am recording… (e.g. draw jumbo jet here)

4. Masking tape / artist’s tape for hanging paper – available at hardware / artist supplies respectively

5. Stencils and rulers – just in case I feel the need for uber precision!

6. Cutters – a blade and craft knife for paper, scissors for everything else (I get asked a lot for scissors) – available at hardware / craft stores

(My lunchbox carrier was a gift from the wonderful Brandy Agerbeck for joining her 2013 Lab in Chicago – pretty cool!)

I also take all the documents relevant to the event – e.g. program, speakers’ notes and pictures (if I have them), a big roll of bond paper and my iPad. Never know when you need to do a quick search to get an image as a prompter.

Last week, the image search was ‘Socrates’ because one of the speakers quoted him in his talk and I wanted to get a good likeness. It was singled out by on-lookers, so I had to confess to having a reference. They were still impressed.

I LOVE my work!

Next – What questions do I ask my clients? and What happens on the day I am recording? up next!


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