Harness the power of Visuals,
with ease and impact!

Do you have a natural ability to make meetings more effective and find yourself leading discussions to reach clarity and understanding about their outcomes?
Are you a visual thinker and keen to
expand your repertoire of graphic tools?

If you are a YES to any of these, this practical workbook ‘15 Visual Templates for Facilitators‘ is for you.

I have taken 15 years of facilitation experience and many years of specialising in working creatively and visually and distilled these into the 15 Visual Templates that I think will be most useful for your practice.



In this book, I cover:

  • why Visual Templates are a Facilitator’s friend
  • options available (HINT: you may not have thought of some of these!)
  • how to use the resources in the book
  • the layout of 15 of the most common and useful templates I have found and variations on these
  • tips on how to adapt these to your situation
  • full-size drawings of each component of the templates for printing or copying.
This done-for-you approach makes using Visual Templates SO EASY!

AUD$12.95 for INSTANT access to your downloadable PDF copy

AUD$24.95 for your very own, hold-in-your-hand printed copy
(plus postage so it can be mailed to your address)



Here is the Table of Contents and some SAMPLE PAGES:

Table of Contents page 1
Table of Contents page 2
A sample of the Templates page
Sample page of images
Even if you have NO drawing skills, you can use the templates in this book.
Simply print out and stick onto your whiteboard / flipchart / large chart paper and you have what you NEED!


Get your copy!

AUD$12.95 for INSTANT access to your downloadable PDF copy
AUD$24.95 for your very own, hold-in-your-hand printed copy
(plus postage so it can be mailed to your address)

What people are saying…

WendySarkissianI highly recommend this book. For decades I dreamed of doing my own graphic facilitation and admired people like Michelle from afar. Then, recently, I did Michelle’s training workshop and was blown away by her skills as a facilitator, trainer and artist. Now, FINALLY, I see how she does it and feel I can learn to do it myself with the benefit of this brilliant book. With her specialist skills in the area of graphic facilitation, Michelle has condensed years of her own practice into one succinct and inspirational book. So generous, so practical, great concepts and presentation and such a great bargain! I see it as an invaluable resource for my facilitation practice. Let’s go beyond bullet points and boring static lists and really embrace the power of this approach! And who better to teach us and guide us than Michelle?
Wendy Sarkissian PhD, Community engagement planning specialist and award-winning Author – Kitchen Table Sustainability: Practical Recipes for Community Engagement with Sustainability.



Your templates are simple and clear, Michelle, with beautiful economy and line. You place graphic facilitation within the reach of anyone. With you as my model, I’m tempted to try it for myself.

Bob Dick, independent scholar, educator, facilitator, author – Helping Groups to be Effective, coach and change consultant.



Andrew Huffer

As a professional consultant, I’ve facilitated over 820 workshops. Michelle’s training helps give me another ‘edge’ in my business. I place HUGE value on the practical tips provided in each template, covering ideas for content and process. These make it much more easier for me to see how I can use and adapt the templates for different situations. I can see how well Michelle has drawn on her own significant experience in facilitation to help me improve the way I work with groups. The book also shows that with a bit of thought, planning and practice, we can all add a really important skill to offering, creating a more memorable experience for participants and thus increasing the value proposition to our clients.
Andrew Huffer, facilitator, stakeholder engagement and team development specialist
www.andrewhuffer.com.au               www.facilitatorsinnercircle.com.au