Discover why visual thinking is CRITICAL for your LEADERSHIP team

Despite the huge increase in information available to us...

People in leadership positions struggle to:

  • Find the information that’s critical to their business

  • Cut a path through the complexity they’re experiencing when working with their peers and line managers, and

  • Have impact with their communications and presentations to audiences that matter.

If you know this is an issue for you and your organisation, this one-day masterclass is for you!

Visual Thinking for Organisational Leaders is a customised course to help you go from complexity and confusion to CLARITY in your business!

What will you gain from doing this course?

You will:

  1. Understand the basic principles and facts of visual thinking

  2. Understand the field of graphic facilitation and terms commonly used

  3. Understand your goals for this work

  4. Know the materials that are needed

  5. Know the basic techniques

  6. See how to build on the basic techniques

  7. Understand the applications

  8. Know the resources needed for your practice

  9. Gain truckloads of confidence to take your visual thinking skills into the world.

What does this course involve?

This full-day course is a hands-on, activity based session that will help you understand and apply the core elements of a visual thinking and graphics approach to your existing work or business context.

What do we cover?

Introduction module:

  • Power of working visually
  • Understanding the ‘lingo’
  • A short history of graphics practice

Tools and materials module:

  • Markers, paper, tape – what’s the best, who supplies them and where you can buy them

Basic Techniques module:

  • Body ergonomics
  • Lettering
  • Basic shapes and how they build into icons

Building on the basics I module:

  • Great flipcharts in 3 easy steps
  • Format options for small and large
  • Chart/sketchnote checklist

Understanding the applications module:

  • Visual treatments – charts, presentations, reports
  • Synthesis visuals
  • Planning, reflections and evaluations

Resources module:

  • Leaders in the field
  • Great links and websites

What will you receive?

  • A full day program lead by experienced graphic facilitator and visual thinking trainer, Michelle Walker

  • A participant handbook to take a way packed with loads of juicy resources: checklists for your practice,  templates you can use immediately, handouts, reference images for your visual thinking library, as well as links to a plethora of quality resources and websites.

  • informative ‘how to’ videos

  • live demonstrations

  • a chance to get your hands dirty in a range of activities to test new concepts and skills

  • loads of practice activities to embed your new visual thinking skills

  • connection to a network and support for your on-going learning in the future.