Want to be able to facilitate with confidence?

Imagine feeling totally confident standing out front of your next workshop!

Because you know how to design the event to ENERGISE PARTICIPANTS, generate BUY-IN and manage the group when tricky situations arise!

How good would that feel?

The Essentials of Facilitation...

is a 1-day training intensive to give you the strong foundation you need for your facilitation skills. Through practice-based exercises and supportive theory, you will leave confident to design and deliver your next big meeting or workshop. After completing this course, facilitation will become a straight-forward exercise that will feel easy and completely do-able!

What you will learn...

  • Proven approaches to meeting and workshop design

  • Group dynamics and how to encourage participation and contribution

  • Facilitation ‘micro-skills’ such as active listening, questioning, paraphrasing, reflecting, summarising and reframing that keeps groups on track

  • How to set up group environments and agreements so your meetings and workshops run with ease

  • How to deal with difficult situations when they arise (and they probably will!)

  • All the confidence to take these new professional skills into your business or workplace.

When you complete this course, you'll understand group dynamics and how to help groups be effective!

This is for you if you're a...

Professional trainer

Organisational development professional

Executive or senior manager

unnamed (14)

Business consultant

unnamed (15)

Change maker!

About your trainer...

Michelle Walker is the founder and owner of the internationally renowned Curious Minds Co. which she established to provide specialty graphic facilitation, recording and whiteboard animations for clients.

With more than 20 years of facilitation experience, Michelle will teach you all the techniques used by professional facilitators to ensure great workshops that deliver results. Michelle is a Certified Professional Facilitator and has been accredited for her skills and knowledge in this field by the International Association of Facilitators.

Michelle brings her facilitation skills to support organisations and teams in their strategic planning and visioning, change management and team building. Michelle has found participatory workshops one of the most powerful tools in her consultant’s toolbox as participation not only leads to better decisions but gains buy-in and much needed support to implement those decisions!

Through public and in-house training programs, Michelle shares her passion and wealth of experience with government, community and corporate clients. Details of her projects and services are at www.curiousmindsco.com.au.

Course material contributions by Mary Maher who has 25 years’ consultancy experience in facilitation, training and personal planning, as well as in University teaching.

Mary and Michelle have developed and delivered training programs together on a range of topics including facilitation, scenario planning and strategic planning.

Ready to get started?

It’s good to talk through the details of your project to help you clarify what’s possible and what will get you the best results.

To set up a time to talk in more detail, email us: michelle@curiousmindsco.com.au or call:
+61 407119795.