Spotlight with the inspiring Lynn Carruthers




with Lynn Carruthers

Hear about Lynn’s work with the Smithsonian – that gem of the global community – and the Hawaiian Community Foundation and learn her big and practical lessons for doing the Graphic Recording role in service of others.

To check our Lynn’s website – click here and to have a look at Lynn’s graphic work like this one below – click here.


In Lynn’s interview, she mentioned several people who inspired her with their work.

Here’s the people and links to their websites and also a link to the IFVP 2015 Conference in Austin TX.

David Sibbet MichelleBoosStone rocketpics IVFP

David Sibbet

The Grove Consultants International

Michelle Boos-Stone

Five Elements Consulting Group

runs the Graphic Recording Business Bootcamp

Manuela Bernard’s

Rocketpics app

Saddle up! AustinTX 2015 Conference

Bring your Boots!  Bring your Markers!

Hope you enjoyed this Spotlight Session.

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