YOU CAN DRAW… Objects, Connectors & Separators course


This course contains easy-to-follow, fast-to-implement training videos that provide you tools to grow your ability to draw a range of useful pictures for business – so you can harness their power to think, imagine, communicate and collaborate in bigger and better ways!

In this course, you’ll learn:

>> the 5 elements of the visual alphabet

>> My Shape Plug-in Method for drawing

>> How to draw 60+ icons for business including office, travel, time, weather, buildings, landscapes, bubbles, frames and bullet points.

>> How to use these drawings immediately in your notes and presentations

>> How to apply these skills to world of business and professional work.


Get Ready to Boost Your Problem Solving & Presentation Skills!

This energetic online course will enable you to harness the power of drawing as a way of solving problems, improving collaboration and boosting the impact of your business communications!

In under 90 minutes, you can learn WHAT to draw and HOW to draw to unlock your natural abilities without needing any artistic talent whatsoever.

If you can hold a pen and write your name you can do this! I have literally 100s of case studies and testimonials to back that up.

Suitable for:

Complete beginners who want to build their visual vocabulary and those with some prior visual thinking experience who seek to expand their repertoire.

This course is for you if you are interested in:

>> Finding ways to deal effectively with information overload at work

>> Solving your business problems fast

>> Sharing your ideas so your audience gets your message fast and clear

>> Having the flexibility of an online course so you can access the training at times and places that suit you

>> Getting access to valueable, high-quality, professional training at an affordable price.

What you’ll cover

>> the 5 elements of the visual alphabet

>> how to draw 60+ icons to use immediately in your notes and presentations

>> how to apply these new skills to the world of business and professional work.

Here’s what you receive

After completing the course, you’ll have:

>> an extensive visual library of your own

>> the ability to recall automatically icons to represent ideas, discussions and concepts, relevant to your particular field of work

>> gained *oodles* of confidence to take your visual thinking skills into the world.