Advanced Graphic Facilitation – VIP Training & Coaching Program

$1,500.00 $995.00 US

Training: Two (2) x Three (3) hour coaching and training sessions

Delivery: via Skype

Bookings: Currently OPEN!


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Advanced Graphic Facilitation VIP Training & Coaching Program

This engaging and expansive new way of training allows you to get VIP, one-on-one training to skyrocket your Visual Thinking and Graphic Facilitation skills!

Course focus: This course is a hands-on, activity based series of sessions that provides you with a strong foundation of skills and knowledge in Graphic Facilitation plus a depth of practical experience so you are able to integrate the new skills into your existing business context as well as expanding your service offerings.

Suitable: This class is suitable for anyone who enrolls in the Essentials of Visual Thinking eCourse.

You will learn*:

  • Techniques for rapid visual capture practical exercises in how to capture information in real-time – tips from the pros.
  • The power of visual metaphors an exploration of the use and strengths of visual metaphor in group activities and sketch-noting techniques.
  • Visual language builder exercises developing and expanding your personal visual language repertoire with series of activities.
  • Understanding Synthesis Visuals how to develop and use these powerful tools for communicating key messages.
  • Digital media applications if you request specific tuition on digital media and applications of visual thinking to this technology platform that can also be included.
  • Understanding the applications building the bridge from the program’s activities to direct application to your work/study/life.

* Focus areas can be tailored to your personal and professional needs and interests.


Suitable for:
This Program is for you if have no prior experience or some foundational understanding of visual concepts and you:

  • work with groups as a facilitator, coach, team leader, manager or trainer
  • work with individuals as a mentor or coach
  • are seeking to understand at a greater depth this growing (and exciting) field graphic facilitation and recording
  • wish to gain knowledge of the advanced skills and techniques
  • are seeking to add new ways of working visually to their existing repertoire.

Course outcomes
As a result of the Program, you will:

  • Master a range of visual thinking and capture skills including rapid capture techniques, visual synthesis, visual metaphors etc.
  • Develop a broad visual language library through practice activities and develop a sound repertoire of visual icons
  • Understand the applications of these advanced techniques to your workplace, community and context
  • Develop a depth of confidence to apply these skills to get outstanding results for clients, groups and teams in the workplace.

What will you receive?

  • One-on-one coaching, training, demonstrations and critiques
  • An in-depth, 40+ page training manual (for the two one-on-one sessions)
  • A gift copy of my ‘Building Your Visual Library: 15 Visual Templates for Facilitators’ book (this will be posted to the address you provide on enrolling)
  • Oodles of templates, checklists and industry examples of visual charts, recording sheets and icon drawings
  • Reference links to informative ‘how to’ videos
  • My tips and tricks about all aspects of delivering these specialty services to clients like a professional
  • A Certificate of Completion for the Advanced Graphic Facilitation Program upon demonstrating integration of the key teaching areas.


You will be advised on essential materials you need to complete the training, including flip chart paper and markers.

What people are saying about Michelle’s training & coaching:

“This course gave me all that I needed and more and was probably one of the most cost-effective courses I have done in a long time.” – Tony Weber, National Practice Leader: Water Quality, BMTWBM Consulting, Visiting Fellow, Australian National University

“Great content, well-paced and excellent delivery. Thanks!” – Michael McKeown, McKeown Planning and Design, Brisbane

“My overall feedback on the course is I LOVED it! Michelle had great content, extremely practical and expertly delivered. There were good links to further learning in the support material. I benefited a great deal – thank you.” – Aden Murphy, Manager Upstream International, Shell, Perth WA

“EXCELLENT. The course is immediately useful and a breath of fresh air!” – Clare Fountain, SA Power Networks, Adelaide SA

The Investment*:
For 2 three-hour private one-on-one coaching
and training sessions via skype – $1,197* (+GST for Asutralian citizens)

Bonuses included:

  • Your own copy of “Building Your Visual Language Library: 15 Visual Templates for Facilitators”
  • A follow-up ‘after training’ review session at a time convenient to both parties to check in on your integration and application of your learning, answer any queries or resolve any challenges you have found and celebrate your successes.