The Groan …

we’ve all experienced meetings where people are trying to solve a problem or decide on a new direction and the thinking becomes choked. Nothing seems to help the group to chart the way forward.

A toolkit of proven solutions …

one way to help avoid this and to encourage break-through thinking is to have outstanding facilitated processes that incorporate ‘creative thinking boosters’. A key booster used by Curious Minds Co. is graphic facilitation.

Graphic facilitation of meetings and events is led by a skilled facilitator with specialist graphic skills. In working this way everyone’s contribution is recorded, projects are mapped and solutions recorded on large visual displays.

Key benefits of this powerful data creation and capture methodology include:

  • Conversations and stories are captured and their meaning shaped and made visible.

  • The design of a meeting can be around a metaphor such as a journey, which can be very useful to help participants navigate the agenda and their input.

  • Energy and enthusiasm grows as people see their contribution has been captured. This acts as visual ‘paraphrasing’ – a key facilitation technique to ensure participants know their contribution is seen as valuable. This in turn encourages more involvement and participation.

  • Ideas, themes, their meaning and connections arevisually displayed so that participants are able to focus on new ideas rather than holding previous ideas from others’ contributions in their minds as well.

  • The graphic display is an output of the group and often there is a strong sense of ownership over the outcome.

Have a look at some of the stand-out results Curious minds Co. have delivered for their clients …

Creative Thinking Booster

In general, boosters are one of the many specialist tools in a graphic facilitator’s toolkit. By understanding how the brain works, Curious Minds Co. skilled facilitators can ensure a brain-friendly environment for all events —  that’s one that stimulates the positive ‘interest’ centres so participants function at their peak.

Creative thinking boosters come in all shapes and sizes and are often part of the design of an event as well activities woven through-out the program. Boosters keep the ideas bubbling, enabling new connections to be seen and help take the discussions to a level that delivers tangible results.

How It Works

Curious Minds Co. will …

Before the event: partner with you to identify clear objectives; design and customise how to meet those objectives;

plan the most appropriate processes for your group; and develop materials and resources tailored for your needs.

At the event: prepare the meeting room using engaging visuals and interactive materials; manage diverse viewpoints and potential conflict; sustain group participation and enthusiasm throughout the event;  manage multiple sessions and their transitions; and guide the group to the desired outcomes.

 After the event:   debrief on the event and its outcomes; capture and record digitally the outputs – graphic charts and other visual notes for your future reference.

The Co. can also provide an Outcomes Report of the event. This is a detailed account of the event for future reference and includes an introduction to the event, objectives sought, a speakers  list (with copies of their presentations), a participant list, copy of the program, description of the key points from each session, images of the graphic charts and the agreed action plan. This is a fantastic product that enables future reference to an important event.

Skilled Facilitation

Curious Minds Co. has a strong belief in the wisdom of groups – usually they simply need experienced guidance to find the way. Other times a group will need stronger intervention and visual design to deliver results. As experienced facilitators of group process, Michelle and her team know how to respond.

Whether it’s a four-person meeting, a 30-person multi-stakeholder negotiation or 100+ conference delegation, the Curious Minds Co. team has a big tool box and experience in design and delivery using a range of techniques. The team will help you select the right one for your job.

They have delivered forums using open-space technology, appreciative inquiry and world café frameworks as well as journeying, future search and futuring approaches. In many cases, a mix of approaches needs to be tailored to deliver the desired outcomes.

A powerful partner to facilitated group process is visual note-taking and graphic recording. This is one of thekey ‘creative thinking boosters’ the gang at Curious Minds Co. and their alliance partners use with outstanding effect.

A graphic recorder is adept at listening, synthesising, making links between concepts and visual elements and presenting these in graphic ‘maps’ of the discussions so that people are able to gain greater understanding and insight. There is great power in literally seeing what the group has said!

Curious Minds Co. is experienced at graphically recording workshops, conferences and meetings. As an experienced facilitator, Michelle can also help facilitators design and craft charts needed for an event.

One way of creating the WOW factor at your next event is to have a graphic recorder capturing a group’s discussion or a speaker’s presentation on large paper (1m x 3m) near the front of the room. The visual mapping will boost the activities of the group and add a visual record to be used as a reference in future discussions.

Alternatively, a graphic recorder can capture the key points of an event on an iPad. The tablet technology provides an exciting convergence of technology and old-fashioned drawing skills and can be projected onto a large screen so all participants can engage with the recording throughout the event. These digital recordings can be uploaded to websites and accessed on social media sites immediately following an event. This provides participants and interested parties instant access to the outcomes.