Discover why visual thinking is like ice-cream for your brain

Do you want to…

  • Expand your professional toolkit with visual thinking skills
  • Boost effectiveness of your meetings and forums
  • Add impact to your communications and presentations
  • Gain confidence in drawing and applying visuals and images in your work
  • Be seen as a creative thinker?

If you are a yes to any of the above, this one-day course will be for you!

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What will you gain from doing this course?

You will:

  1. Understand the basic principles and facts of visual thinking
  2. Understand the field of graphic facilitation and terms commonly used
  3. Understand your goals for this work
  4. Know the materials that are needed
  5. Know the basic techniques
  6. See how to build on the basic techniques
  7. Understand the applications
  8. Know the resources needed for your practice
  9. Gain truckloads of confidence to take your visual thinking skills into the world.

What does this course involve?

This full-day course is a hands-on, activity based session that will help you understand and apply the core elements of a visual thinking and graphics approach to your existing work or business context.

About your trainer…

Michelle Walker profile pic Mar14_white bgd_sm_speechMichelle Walker, Curious Minds Co. is an experienced facilitator and leader of group-work processes and training programs. Michelle specialises in the field of graphics practice, creative and visual thinking which she brings to strategic planning and visioning, change management and team building. 


Michelle has designed and delivered training programs to government, corporate, not-for-profit and community
clients. She continues to receive strong positive feedback from participants regarding the impact and usefulness of these training programs. In particular, Michelle is passionate about sharing her knowledge and experiences about the
growing field of visual thinking and graphics practice and offers specialty training for fellow business leaders, facilitators, trainers, coaches and team leaders in how to work visually and get great results.


Early Bird $385

Standard $495


Want to know about training coming to somewhere near you – Brisbane, Sydney, Newcastle, Melbourne, Adelaide, Perth, Townsville, Cairns? Contact me
Don’t know if you can make it to a face-to-face training? Then, CHECK OUT the ON-LINE VERSION!

What will you cover?

Introduction module:

  • Power of working visually
  • Understanding the ‘lingo’
  • A short history of graphics practice

Tools and materials module:

  • Markers, paper, tape – what’s the best, who supplies them and where you can buy them

Basic Techniques module:

  • Body ergonomics
  • Lettering
  • Basic shapes and how they build into icons

Building on the basics I module:

  • Great flipcharts in 3 easy steps
  • Format options for small and large
  • Chart/sketchnote checklist

Understanding the applications module:

  • Visual treatments – charts, presentations, reports
  • Synthesis visuals
  • Planning, reflections and evaluations

Resources module:

  • Leaders in the field
  • Great links and websites

What will you receive?

  • A full day program lead by experienced graphic facilitator and visual thinking trainer, Michelle Walker
  • A participant handbook to take a way packed with loads of juicy resources: checklists for your practice,  templates you can use immediately, handouts, reference images for your visual thinking library, as well as links to a plethora of quality resources and websites.
  • informative ‘how to’ videos
  • live demonstrations
  • a chance to get your hands dirty in a range of activities to test new concepts and skills
  • loads of practice activities to embed your new visual thinking skills
  • connection to a network and support for your on-going learning in the future.

What participants have said…

Michelle is an incredibly knowledgeable and passionate trainer and models great group facilitation techniques.

— Kerry Azar, Founder,

New Duende Leadership Development and Executive Coaching, QLD


This course gave me all that I needed and more and was probably one of the most cost-effective courses I have done in a long time”.

— Tony Weber, National Practice Leader: Water Quality, BMTWBM Consulting,
Visiting Fellow, Australian National University.


Great content, well-paced and excellent delivery. Thanks!

— Michael McKeown, McKeown Planning and Design
(great review of the course posted at:


Michelle is a generous host and teacher. I appreciated the experiential nature of the course and the energy she generated in the group. As a professional communicator it has really opened my mind and I believe it will deepen my facilitation practice.

— Melissa Geltch, Facilitator and Art-of-hosting specialist,

Queensland State Library, QLD


Excellent – I found the Essentials of Visual Thinking & Graphics Practice course empowering, easily adaptable and very enjoyable. Thank you.

Sanda Bale, Facilitator & Trainer,

Gold Coast Medicare Local, QLD


My overall feedback on the Essentials of Visual Thinking course is I LOVED it! Michelle had great content, extremely practical and expertly delivered. There were good links to further learning in the support material. I benefited a great deal – thank you.

— Aden Murphy, Manager Upstream International

Shell, Perth WA


I thoroughly enjoyed the course and felt it met my aim of giving me pragmatic tools I can use immediately. Overall, really enjoyable and certainly something I know I’ll make use of.

— Holly Waltham,

SA Power Networks, Adelaide SA


This was going to take me way outside my comfort zone – but I survived, learnt heaps and feel good about what I achieved. A great day!!

— Tanya Fox, Service Manager

Brighter Access Inverell Disabilities Services Inc, Inverell NSW


Really good day that has given me the confidence to be able to give it a go and equipped me with the framework, skills and some tools to start incorporating graphics and visuals from Day 1!

— Dawn Mirapuri,

Customs Department, QLD


EXCELLENT. The course is immediately useful and a breath of fresh air!

— Clare Fountain

SA Power Networks, Adelaide SA


I enjoyed the course. It gave me the confidence and a sense of grounding some of the things I am already doing. There were great take away resources that I’ll be able to look back on especially the start of my library of visual icons.

— Cara Targ,

Families and Community Services Department, Sydney NSW



  • This sounds interesting, but what if I can’t draw? No problem, if you can write, Michelle will show you how you can draw. And there are lots of approaches that Michelle will cover that don’t require Picasso-like skills!
  • What does visual thinking and icons have to do with my business? If you work with others – groups, communities, businesses, executive managers, teams, peers, mentees – Michelle can show you how you can add impact to your outcomes through adopting visually ways of working in your approach. This applies to presentations, communications, running successful meetings and workshops, strategizing, managing change and building team spirit. All facets of your business will gain benefits.
  • I’d love to bring my team. Do you offer discounts? It’s great to have people who work together learning this stuff as a group, so we encourage that. Contact Michelle for further enquiries.
  • I’d love to do the course, but what if I can’t make these dates? No problem, Michelle can put you on a list and let you know when she is offering her next public course in your city/town. It may be of interest to know Michelle offers this premium program as a coaching program. Same great content, just delivered in a tailored format to your needs, goals and learning context. You can have Michelle coach you solo or bring a friend or two to make it a super value deal. Contact Michelle for further details on pricing and availability of places. NOTE: The ON-LINE COURSE is now AVAILABLE, so if you are interested in that flexible format, click HERE.

     Want to know about training coming to somewhere near you – Brisbane, Sydney, Newcastle, Melbourne, Adelaide, Perth, Townsville, Cairns? Contact me

Don’t know if you can make it to a face-to-face training? Then, CHECK OUT the ON-LINE VERSION!

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