Want to learn the powerful skills of Graphic Facilitation?

without Disrupting Your Life or
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Looking for a way to tell your story, connect with your audience and make your concept come to life?

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If you're here, there's a good chance you're interested in...

Expanding your professional toolkit with graphic facilitation and recording skills…

Learning how to boost effectiveness of your meetings, workshops and events…

Adding impact and influence to your professional communications and presentations…

And being seen as a stand-out, creative thinker by your clients, peers and boss.



Well, that’s fantastic!

It’s exactly why I developed this 6-week, easy-to-follow, fast-to-implement Live & Online training… 

For people just like you. 


Hi, I'm Michelle Walker and I’m about to share with you all the deets of my Essentials of Visual Thinking program ANYONE can use to learn to draw visual concepts and icons in as little as one week if you are doing a bit each day after work or just one day if you can dedicate a full 8 hours…

This straight forward approach will give you the power to turn your ideas into concrete pictures and your pictures into creative thinking skills – essential in today’s world for any professional or business person…

And it doesn’t matter if you’ve never drawn an icon in your life before…

Because when you use the methods taught in this course, it’s like the creative thinker within you comes to life, and you learn how to make the ideas in your head flow effortlessly out as clear visual concepts!

Your facilitation and note-taking will blossom with your new-found abilities to draw out ideas and share them in an engaging way that has greater impact and influence.

This Program Steps You Through Everything You Need to Know to Start Out Like a Pro...

PLUS: I Lay Out all the Practical *Stuff* so You Can be Super Confident when You Apply it to Your Work, Business or Studies!

Study with me and you'll...

Once you enroll, you get access to the entire online Training materials!

And your Membership that comes with enrollment gets you access to all the Online Materials for 12 MONTHS!

Imagine being able to...

  • confidently record meetings and discussions with your new rapid capture skills

  • quickly and skillfully draw icons and visual concepts without needing reference images (cos you have an internal visual library)

  • have all the tools and resources you need to show up like a professional

  • have *oodles* of confidence to take your visual thinking skills out into the ‘real world’.


All the nuggets and tips distilled from my best-selling public training program…

is NOW available to you at a time and place that suits you!

Seriously, I’ve had a lot of people do my course over the years who are emphatic that they can’t draw…

But using my Shape Plug-in method you can quickly and easily gain the necessary skills and confidence to be ready to ‘do it in public’ in no time!

And the best part is this method works like crazy no matter what field or sector you work in…

Even if you think it’s impossible for you to do this and have no clue where to start…

And even if you never considered yourself as ‘creative’ in any way…

The Essentials of Visual Thinking course awakens the visual thinker in you and allows you to naturally think and draw your ideas in an engaging way that *draws* others in…

And makes it FUN, EASY and LUCRATIVE to add graphic facilitation and recording skills to your professional toolkit, so much quicker than you previously thought possible…

I realise this might sound just a tad unbelievable – that this course can transform ANYONE into a sought-after Visual Thinker… Yet, I assure you it is possible…

How do I know it works so well?

Because I used it myself over the past decade to serve clients from all sectors and fields with these specialist services…

And I have also taught this material to literally hundreds of others in Australia and overseas who have used it to achieve incredible success with their new-found visual thinking and drawing ability…

Even people who were total newbies when it came to being ‘visual’!

Well, let’s face it, we are facing some daunting challenges in the world today.

I think about the big issues that affect many people in many countries including my own – unstable leadership, poverty and hardship – and some, like climate change and sea level rise, we are yet to see the full effects on island communities, our food crops and natural areas.

None of these are trivial and I could name more.

So, this has been a driver for me – I had to find what I could do to make a difference, in the face of all that.

And as Albert Einstein is famously quoted as saying:

We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used when we created them.

That’s the rub for me.

I don’t believe we tap the potential we each have in us.

For lots of reasons, our schools and work-places have taught us a single mode of thinking and working. We are strongly influenced and coached to be rational and logical, as code for ‘being professional’.

Whether it’s a report, strategy or keynote speech, we give primacy to the power of talking and the written word. Those communication methods are good, but not to the exclusion of other more creative ways of working… like story… like imageslike stories told with images!

As human beings, we are wired with a huge capacity for innovation and creativity. But if we don’t use these natural capacities, we are not going to overcome the challenges we’re facing using old rules and out-dated ways of thinking.

That’s at the crux of what I’m passionate about…

…helping others who want to think differently and challenge the status quo…

…people who know there is more to them as individuals and want a way to unlock their creative thinking powers…

…people who are passionate about their work and are driven to make change in the world around them.

And do you know the good news?

Visual thinking isn’t just for artists!  

It’s a skill that can be learned… 

With the right tools and approaches… 

And that’s why I designed the Essential of Visual Thinking course – to help you Master the Skills, Boost Your Confidence and Skyrocket Your Results!

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Get Ready to Boost Your Visual Thinking Skills

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Here’s what you receive when you enroll…

>>Access to Our Weekly Group Training where You can get your questions answered and feedback from an experienced practitioner on your exercises and case studies – what’s working and what to focus on for the greatest improvement to your practice.

>>Membership to the Training Site where you’ll access Your Training Handbook and the Learning Modules packed with explanatory presentations and demonstration videos, detailed step-by-step instructions, downloadable checklists and cheatsheets, worksheets, illustrations and a truckload of real-world examples!

>>Your Training Handbook which is a rich resource for your learning journey – it contains all the course activities and space to record your reflections and key learnings for future reference.

Twelve Learning Modules, an 80+ page Training Handbook, detailed demonstration videos, real-world application examples, super-useful resources guide, bonus modules
and so much more...

Here's some of the success stories...

I now have all the confidence I need...

Michelle has given me confidence through her tools, practices and the knowledge she has shared. I am just beginning my practice and it’s been great to have Michelle’s frameworks to anchor it at the start.

I appreciated the experiential nature of the course and the energy she generated. As a professional communicator, it has really opened my mind and I believe it will deepen my facilitation practice.

I'm so excited!

Michelle has given me an understanding of the tools and materials for my visual approach and how I can use these tools for my current work.

It’s been excellent.

I am very excited at the prospect of using the techniques I learnt from Michelle to communicate my research.

I can see REAL application of this work back at the office.

Doing this course, I learnt I can do it!

I just use the simple tools Michelle teaches.

And I also discovered it’s actually FUN to draw!

So, let me ask you...

What would it be worth to you to be able to ADD visual thinker, graphic facilitator and graphic recorder to your list of professional skills and services?

Keep in mind, people charge hundreds, even thousands of dollars per day for these services!

Personally, I think the professionally valued price of US$297 is a great deal for the entire 12-module course and 12 months access to all the online material.

After all, my one-on-one coaching clients pay me a minimum of $300+ per hour to access this exact same training material…

And if you attend a public course, you pay $495 to cover this material…

Even so, I know you might be thinking a $297 price-tag is out of your reach at the moment, and I can totally understand that…

And my mission is to support every person who is committed to gaining visual thinking skills… that’s why I want to make this course as affordable and accessible as I can…  

Which is why, today, you’re NOT going to pay $297 for The Essentials of Visual Thinking course…

For you today, because you are committed to realising your true capabilities, I am giving you my special price of…

…. just US$147!

Still not sure this right for you?

Yes! I want to enrol in the Essentials of Visual Thinking Program now!

Yes! I want access to the entire Essentials of Visual Thinking Program for just US$147.

Yes! I want to gain visual thinking, graphic facilitation and recording, and sketch-noting techniques to expand my professional and business services.

Yes! I want the support of learning from an experienced practitioner.

Please note that the book and CD images are for visualization purposes only and that the online material is digital.

And if you enroll today, you'll also get these THREE great bonuses that will ensure
your learning success...

To make sure you 'hit the ground running’...

You will receive a 30 minute, one-on-one coaching session so you can ask all your questions, I can give you my ‘hot tips’ and point out all the key features to pay attention to, to ensure you get the very best value from the course!

All you have to do is send me a quick email requesting your session once you’ve purchased your program.

That, alone, is worth $200!… Today, yours FREE

Please note that the book image is for visualization purposes only and that the actual product is digital.

When you enroll in the program, you will receive a PDF copy of my book Building Your Visual Language Library: 15 Visual Templates for Facilitators to expand your understanding of the applications of this work.

These ‘done-for-you’ designs are super-useful for facilitators, trainers, coaches, team leaders, project leaders and managers.

You’ll find your copy in the Bonuses section of the online course.

Value: $13… Today, yours FREE

You will receive a recording of my 60-minute Masterclass which is a deep dive for Facilitators including the latest in brain science supporting visual thinking as a critical business tool for combating info-besity!

When you enroll, you will find this recording in the Bonuses area of the online course.

Organisations and businesses pay between $500 – $750 for me to present this Masterclass!… Today, yours FREE

When you add it all up, that’s at least $713 in bonuses alone!

Enjoy these additional gifts from me – all designed to help you Master the Skills, Boost Your Confidence and Skyrocket Your Results!

Here's more raves...

My overall feedback on the course is I LOVED it!

Michelle had great content, extremely practical and expertly delivered. There were good links to further learning in the support material. I benefited a great deal – thank you.

— Aden Murphy, Manager Upstream International, Shell, Perth WA

EXCELLENT. The course is immediately useful and a breath of fresh air! 

— Clare Fountain, SA Power Networks, Adelaide SA


Really good day that has given me the confidence to be able to give it a go and equipped me with the framework, skills and some tools to start incorporating graphics and visuals from Day 1!

— Dawn Mirapuri, Customs Department, QLD

I got lots of pragmatic tools!

I thoroughly enjoyed the course and felt it met my aim of giving me pragmatic tools I can use immediately. Overall, really enjoyable and certainly something I know I’ll make use of.

— Holly Waltham, SA Power Networks, Adelaide SA

Great content, well-paced and excellent delivery. Thanks!

— Michael McKeown, McKeown Planning and Design

Great take-away resources!

I enjoyed the course. It gave me the confidence and a sense of grounding some of the things I am already doing. There were great take away resources that I’ll be able to look back on especially the start of my library of visual icons.

— Cara Targ, Families and Community Services Department, Sydney NSW

About me, your trainer...

I am the founder and owner of the internationally renowned Curious Minds Co. which I established to provide specialty graphic facilitation, recording and whiteboard animations for clients.

I have two signature training programs – the ‘Essentials of Visual Thinking’ (this one!) and ‘Visual Thinking for Organisational Leaders’ courses which I’ve delivered around Australia and overseas for 7+ years.

I am delighted to continue to receive strong, positive feedback from participants regarding the quality, impact and usefulness of my professional development training and coaching programs.

I am also a speaker on creativity in business topics, such as ‘The Power of Working Visually’ and ‘Freeing Your Creative Mindset’ to national and international conferences, summits and radio shows (such as Sydney radio’s Creative Living show) and have delighted audiences with my visually-engaging, fast-paced talks that offer practical insights for professional and personal transformation.

I have also written several books including Building Your Visual Language Library: 15 Visual Templates for Facilitators and a chapter in The World of Visual Facilitation on running a successful graphic facilitation business.

I am a coach, teacher and facilitator. I’m also an artist, a lover of nature and playful, joyful soul.

In the past 15 years, I have grown and run several successful businesses, been invited to teach and speak around Australia, in the USA and other parts of the globe.

Prior to that, borne from my passion to see change in the way we care for the environment, I lead the development of an award-winning environmental policy for Australia’s coast.

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Yes! I want to Join the Essentials of Visual Thinking Program now!

Yes! I want access to the entire Essentials of Visual Thinking Program for just US$147.

Yes! I want to gain visual thinking, graphic facilitation and recording, and sketch-noting techniques to expand my professional and business services.

Yes! I want the support of learning from an experienced practitioner in the field who can show me the short-cuts to be starting out like a Pro.

Please note that the book and CD images are for visualization purposes only and that the online material is digital.

Here’s why joining the Essentials of Visual Thinking course is THE BEST DECISION!

  1. After your Membership is set up, you will have access to all the Essentials of Visual Thinking ecourse online material and start learning the simple but effective techniques that will INSTANTLY start transforming you into a visual thinking machine…

  2. Hundreds of other men and women have already used the methods I teach to get visual thinking skills at a professional level. Many are now able to do this work full-time and earn great money doing what they love. You can do the same!

  3. If you act TODAY, then you’re guaranteeing that you’ll receive the low RRP US$147 pricing, plus the three limited-time-only super bonuses. You don’t want to let this awesome deal pass you by!

  4. With my 30 day money-back guarantee, there is literally no risk for you. If you aren’t satisfied for ANY reason, or the Essentials of Visual Thinking program doesn’t live up to your expectations, just send me an email and I will refund your payment immediately… Right up to the final day of my 30-day guarantee!