Talking the ‘BIG Book’ with Jeroen Blijsie

Spotlight on Jeroen Blijsie + the BIG Book

with Jeroen Blijsie

Meet Jeroen and hear about his role as ideas man behind the book, The World of Visual Facilitation.

Jeroen is a visual facilitator, trainer, author, and founder of the company The Visual Connection, located in The Netherlands. After he graduated with a degree in technical business administration, he specialized in facilitating workshops and conferences, as well as training professionals in facilitative leadership. Together with his team, Jeroen facilitates organizations in strategic visioning and planning, business improvement, and team building. Since he stepped into the world of visual facilitation, visual tools have become an indispensable aspect of his work.

To check out Jeroen’s website – click here.

To get your copy of the book – click HERE for the hard copy with worldwide delivery or HERE for the ebook via Amazon Australia.

The World of Visual Facilitation

I hope you enjoyed this Spotlight Session.

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