Tips on drawing ‘…but I can’t draw!’

In the time I’ve been doing graphics work, I’ve often thought I’d love a Carmen Ghia for every time some-one has come up to me with words of admiration and concluded that they couldn’t possibly do anything like it. …but I can’t do what you do, I can’t draw!

Well, I have to agree with Ed Emberley* the artist and illustrator who believes anyone can be an artist. If you can wield a pen, you can add images that create impact. (*Ed is famous for his learn to draw books. If you’ve not yet had the joy of dipping into his world I highly recommend it.)

So, to these doubting admirers, I ask: ‘Were you born driving a car?’

Ok, so you want some ideas to help along your drawing skills? Here are five tips to get you going…

1. Be prepared to learn. The first tip is an obvious one – you have to want to give it a go AND be ok with it looking a bit ‘not good enough’ at the beginning. Keep reminding yourself that hill starts seemed impossible at the beginning too!

2. Get yourself a Yoda. Go to the local library and borrow a ‘how to’ book or watch some of the great YouTube material available. See how others do it.

3. Set yourself some goals. They say creativity without some constraints dissipates. Pick a theme, such as faces and work on it, til you can reproduce them without thinking. (They call this unconsciously competent.) Then select your next theme you want to tackle.

4. Indulge your artist. Your creative brain loves colours, pens, textured paper. Find some lovely materials that delight your creativity.

5. Practice, practice, practice.

Remember, you weren’t born driving a car! And enjoy!

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