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Announcing the Visual Facilitation Field Guide

I’m pleased to announce that I have a chapter in a forthcoming book on visual practice!
The book is The Visual Facilitation Field Guide, and my chapter is called The Growing Edge for Visual Practitioners.

Spotlight on the gifted + bubbly Heather Leavitt Martinez

Hear about Heather’s background as a printmaker and fine artist, how that lead to a desire to develop a ‘visual vocabulary’ that served others in their work and the power that comes from co-creating visuals with the group she works with.

Spotlight on the talented Sam Bradd

Hear about Sam’s background in education and working in not-for-profit organisations, how drawing was originally a ‘side project’ until he found himself working ‘unexpectedly’ as a graphic facilitator (recorder). Sam has great insights into how to stay centered and present in our role when we are supporting groups doing difficult work.

Working alongside the talented cartoonist, Andrew Fyfe

I sometimes get asked if I do ‘cartooning’.
On the surface, I get that what we do as visual recorders can LOOK like cartooning and certainly some of our global tribe are super-skilled in this area…

How to mix colours for a custom palette

Have you ever wanted just a slightly redder shade of orange? or a greenier shade of blue?
Watch my new Coffee Break Tips video and find out how easy it is to mix custom colours for your graphic facilitation and recording work…

The delight of art words…

I recently saw a lovely piece of word art – you know where the word itself is illustrated with its own meaning…
Inspired, I thought I’d have a little adventure with that idea. Here’s my wee story.

Becoming a wanderer…

As we get ready to leave, I find I love the meeting point of wandering and the ritual of life passages. I have this yearning to step out of my blessed, comfortable day-to-day world and see what else is there… waiting for me… to reach beyond me…

Spotlight with the inspiring Lynn Carruthers

Hear about Lynn’s work with the Smithsonian – that gem of the global community – and the Hawaiian Community Foundation and learn her big and practical lessons for doing the Graphic Recording role in service of others.

Spotlight with the wonderful Lynne Cazaly

To visit Lynne Cazaly at her website and find out more about the work she is doing and see all the goodies she has to offer.

When nostalgia looks soooo good

I know the saying ‘an oldie but a goodie’ is a BIG cliche. But while I was graphic recording at a couple of events last week, I noticed how this ‘cliche’ applies to icon drawing. There are some things in this world I think just look GOOD the old fashion style. And so their icons are some I (almost) always draw the old way.

What’s in a Graphic Recorder’s tool bag?

I love my work! But you already knew that! Being asked to listen attentively and draw is a WONDERFUL thing. But in talking to people interested in visual ways of working, it seems some know of Graphic Recorders or may have seen their work, but many are not clear what’s involved. So here’s the first in a series of articles about working as a Graphic Recorder, for those who want to know more.

6 Massive Myths about Creativity you need to jettison from your belief system, now

After several years of running visual thinking courses, I’m really certain that the folk I’ve met through these training sessions could now be taken as a ‘sample’. I’m no genius, but I’ve noticed a TREND!

Leaping off the eLearning technology cliff without a parachute

I don’t know about you, but I love learning new stuff. Especially when I can see an immediate application to my world. This past six months, I’ve been on a HUGE learning curve, coming to terms with eLearning management systems and authoring tools.

Visual note-taking with Inkflow

If, like me, you are interested in the bit of the world where visual thinking meets digital technology, then read on! I’m an avid fan of Rachel Smith’s Digital Visual Facilitation blog, where Rachel shares her knowledge and experience about the world of all things digital + visual so generously.

4 Killer Titles for your Visual Resources Library

I’m always on the hunt for great resources – for my visual practice and to share with those who join my visual thinking programs. The past six months, I’ve been amazed at the surge of super titles that really are worth exploring. I’m going to give you the low-down on four books I think you should have in your library.

How to draw – a simple map of Australia + globe

I know drawing stuff can be daunting! Here’s a quick ‘how to’ video to get you started drawing a simple map of Australia and a globe with a southern hemisphere focus.

A Snazzy Worksheet for Your Goal Setting (no, it’s not too late)

It’s not too late to set your goals! I love to start a new year doing a reflection session on the year that’s passed and then deciding the focus of my coming year.

6 Surprisingly Simple Ways to Kick Start Your Visual Thinking (or how to talk to strangers on a plane)

On a flight last week, I was doing a graphic note for a presentation I am giving soon. The person sitting next to me took a side-ways glance (ok, a couple), over my shoulder at what I was doing. After a minute or so, he asked – Excuse me, how are you drawing on that?

Measure your success: The New York Report

New York in July and the International Forum of Visual Practitioners (IFVP) Conference was a fantastic experience. I ran a workshop called ‘did we hit our target?’. The topic was aimed at those who design and facilitate workshops and group events – many members of the IFVP have this role.

I LOVE venn diagrams – another installment

It’s been a while… Life has been tumultuous these past few months. As a result, I have not had the ‘bandwidth’ to post any stories. Though there’s been plenty of good stuff in amongst all the other to share.

Measure Your Success: so learning can begin #2

Preparation for New York has begun in earnest! As the days tick by, I have been drawing together my presentation material for the International Forum for Visual Practitioners later this month.

Measure Your Success: so learning can begin

I read a post this week by Agnese Aljena on the 7 common things for drawing and business where Agnese makes the point that drawing and business are both learned sets of skills, both need love, dedication and passion. That resonated strongly with me. Especially as my business is about creative thinking and a (cool) foundational element of that is drawing out ideas, sketching down concepts and working them through with my clients using both word and image.

5 Critical Beliefs that boost creative thinking

After starting a 3 month adventure to strengthen my creative thinking skills earlier this year, I have been reflecting on my creative practice – both the graphics practice I do with clients in workshops and meetings, and also the play I do in my studio.

Infographics in five ‘fearless’ steps!

We live daily in an info-blur world. Communicating the complexity of our ideas is often challenging to do well. Organisations are looking for ways to cut through that blur.

I LOVE venn diagrams

I have long been a huge fan of venn diagrams. I don’t know what it is about a couple of circles scratched out on a pad that has the potential to say it all. Maybe it comes from the reflection that my life is a series of experiences where I move towards the overlap of things I enjoyed…

Gear freak – chart markers & great titles for your library

I’m often asked at my training days about my tools and my reference library. They are important parts of the whole graphics practice. I say that, having had some not-so-good experiences with markers that die on the first chart in the first session of an all-day event. So, if you are starting out or just curious about what others do in their practice, here’s my ideas…

An exploration in two-handed drawing

Ever been a little bored and tried doodling with both hands? How about experiementing with your ‘other’ hand to write your name? When I’ve done this in the past, I find it feels pretty weird but also interesting – both the sensation and the result. Yesterday, Dave Lovegrove* – an artist and art teacher – and I decided to do a tandem two-handed drawing exercise.

Tips on drawing ‘…but I can’t draw!’

In the time I’ve been doing graphics work, I’ve often thought I’d love a Carmen Ghia for every time some-one has come up to me with words of admiration and concluded that they couldn’t possibly do anything like it. …but I can’t do what you do, I can’t draw!

Joining the blogging mob

The door to my studio is handpainted red. Affectionately known as the ‘hobbit’ door because unless you are 4ft tall, there’s a good chance you’ll bang your head as you enter. I thought the door was a good image to put alongside my first post. I’m entering a new place via a red door.